4 Common Security Mistakes Businesses Make

Posted on: 7 September 2017

Think your business is safe from a thief? If you quickly answered yes, you might be surprised to discover that your business isn't so safe after all. The main reason for this is that many companies overlook common security pitfalls that open the door to criminals. Ensure you aren't making these mistakes:

Lackluster Hiring Process

Incidents of theft don't always happen from an outside intruder or customer. The employees on your team could also be the problem. Seventy-percent of employees have admitted to stealing from their employer at least once, and more than half of this group have done it more than once.  If you're not screening your employees, you're opening the door to this problem. Always check references and run some form of a background check before onboarding anyone.

Poor Exterior Lighting

The parking lot, space near a rear entry door and area around a trash bin all make for prime hiding spots for intruders. Don't make things easy for them. If the exterior of your business is dark, this is exactly what you're doing. The absence of a safe hiding spot is often enough to deter a thief altogether. By keeping the exterior well lit, not only do you keep the property more secure, but you also keep your employees and the customers you serve safer.

Malfunctioning Security System

If you installed a security system, you made the right first step. However, if you aren't maintaining the system – your efforts are useless. Security systems need to be tested and have their software or firmware update periodically, depending on the type of system you have. When it comes to security cameras, high winds and birds can sometimes move them, putting them out of focus. Having the alarm system serviced and the cameras checked on occasion can help.

Not Getting Professional Advice

When you need new lights, you go to an electrician. When you have a plumbing issue, you contact a plumber. If you're not approaching a security professional for your security concerns, you're going about the process all wrong. In addition to on-site service, security firms can also inspect your business for potential risks, help you choose the right system and provide a host of additional services. For the best protection, it's best to take your needs to an expert. 

By avoiding these pitfalls, you can work towards keeping your business protected. Reach out to a professional to put your efforts into action. Check out a website like http://intellexsecurity.com/ for more information and assistance.