Helping Your Parent Age In Place: Essential Services To Help Maintain Independence

Posted on: 22 September 2017

Your aging parent may find it difficult to handle normal every day errands, particularly if driving has become a challenge. As a caregiver, you provide many of the services your parent needs, but that can also be overwhelming for you. Fortunately, there are senior assistance services that can help with some day-to-day tasks while still helping your loved one maintain a sense of independence. Here are just some of the many services you may want to consider.

Meal And Menu Preparation

Having a personal chef doesn't actually have to be a dream. With meal planning and preparation services, your parent can get fresh, home-cooked meals without having to lift a finger in the kitchen. You can have this type of service set up every day or at certain points during the week.This service may also include grocery shopping, which means your parent won't have to worry about going to the store either. Be sure to hire a service that focuses on nutrition as well as taste, and discuss the different menu options to ensure your parent is getting meals he or she will actually enjoy.

Driving Services

Part of maintaining a sense of independence comes from having the freedom to go places throughout the day. If your parent doesn't want to have to rely on you for transportation but can no longer drive, driving services may be the right solution. You can arrange to have your parent transported in his or her own personal vehicle or in a para-transport van. Be sure to ask if there is the option to have the driver accompany your mother or father inside at local businesses to help with other tasks, such as paying for purchases and carrying bags.

Cleaning Services

Keeping an entire house clean is a big job for anyone, and it can seem daunting to a parent facing mobility issues or other health problems. Hiring a cleaning service that caters to seniors can help to alleviate some of the work your parent feels he or she needs to do around the house, and the cleaning staff can also provide a friendly visit to break up a bit of the monotony of staying home each day. Talk to your parent about which housecleaning tasks are more difficult, and also ask which ones he or she would still like to do every day. You can use this information to determine which types of cleaning services you will choose.

There is a host of helpful services to help seniors, from personal assistants to personal cooks. Talk to your parent, and decide together which services would be most beneficial for your family. Contact a service, like Sanity Saving Errand Tacklers, for more help.