How Fire Extinguishers Help Protect Smokers From Dangerous Fires

Posted on: 27 September 2017

People who struggle to quit smoking may find themselves regularly smoking inside of their house. This is a serious danger that may end up costing them their lives. As a result, it is important to install high-quality fire extinguishers throughout the home.

Smoking Behaviors That May Lead To Fires

Smoking in the house is a problem that may lead to a severely increased risk of fire. The frequency with which a person smokes may desensitize them to the fire dangers that a cigarette poses. For example, one study found that a large number of smokers would smoke in bed or leave lit cigarettes unattended in an ash tray while performing other tasks.

These behaviors are problematic because they increase the risk that a fire could affect a home. But just how serious is this risk? It may be surprising to learn that these kinds of accidents, which could be easily prevented by a fire extinguisher, make up a significant portion of all fire deaths in the world today.

The Problem Has Become An Epidemic

Problematic smoking behaviors have long been considered one of the leading causes of fire death and disaster, not just in the nation but in the world. For example, smoking-related fires cause at least $7 billion in damage a year in the United States alone and a staggering $27 billion around the world. Even worse, it causes 30 percent of all fire deaths in the country and 10 percent across the world.

Quitting smoking or smoking outside may help eliminate the danger of this problem. For those who are struggling to quit or who live in a home with multiple smokers, it is important to understand how fire extinguishers can be installed and used to save their lives from this problem.

How Fire Extinguishers Can Help

Fire extinguishers installed at strategic points in the house can help reduce the risk of a severe smoking-related fire. For example, a person who accidentally sets their bed on fire with a cigarette could grab an extinguisher from their bedroom closet and use it to contain the fire and prevent it from getting even worse.

They can also use these extinguishers throughout their house in a similar way. It is wise to have at least one extinguisher on every floor of a home. It is also a good idea to place one in areas where people enjoy smoking. In this way, it is possible to minimize the risk of this danger.

Of course, a person should always try to quit smoking whenever possible. However, that doesn't mean they should get rid of their fire extinguishers. Having a large number of these safety items in a home is a great way of avoiding other kinds of fires. Click here to continue reading about fire extinguishers.