4 Simple And Stress-Free Ways To Complete A Total Bedroom Makeover

Posted on: 2 October 2017

The bedroom is the room in your home where you may spend your time relaxing, reading books, watching television, and even just browsing the web on your laptop. Your bedroom should look its best. If you believe the current interior design isn't matching up with your personality, there are plenty of ways to complete a total bedroom makeover.

1. Get Creative With the Paint

Do you have one solid color on the walls of your bedroom? If you'd like to add more colors to make your bedroom look vibrant, get creative with the paint. Select a few different colors that will look good together. Place painter's tape in different directions to section off pieces of the wall and then begin painting those sections with some of the other colors you've chosen. Once the paint dries, peel the tape right off. You'll now have a unique and colorful pattern on the walls of your bedroom.

2. Select Custom Picture Frames

If you've got a lot of pictures you'd like to hang up, consider picking out the perfect custom picture frames to use. Start the process by choosing a material for these frames, such as wood or metal. You'll need to choose the colors and designs of the frames, too. Because they're customizable, you could have the frames you've selected engraved with specific names, dates, and other important details about where those photos were taken. Slide pictures into the frames and hang them in the perfect spots in your bedroom.

3. Upgrade Those Mirrors

Upgrade the look of basic mirrors. You may have purchased affordable mirrors at a home goods store, but they may have such a plain frame around them. Give these mirrors a stylish look by using a hot glue gun and different embellishments, such as glass marbles or feathers. Glue the marbles or the feathers to the mirror frames until those frames are completely covered. Decorating the frames is an easy way to make your mirrors stand out in the room.

4. Make Custom Light Switch Plates

Remove your light switch plates and use paint to decorate them. You could place several lines of the painter's tape on the light switch plates to create those unique shapes before you start painting the different areas with assorted colors to match the bedroom walls. Give the plates time to dry before removing the tape and then screwing them back onto the walls.

Give your bedroom a complete makeover with unique wall designs, custom picture frames, decorative mirrors and some custom plates for your light switches. These stress-free tips and techniques will have your bedroom looking beautiful.