Janitorial Supplies You Need For Your Daycare Business

Posted on: 3 October 2017

Operating a daycare center is a full-time commitment, and your main focus is the health and safety of the children you take care of every day. To prevent the spread of germs and to keep your facility attractive, you want to keep all areas of your daycare center clean.

You can hire a janitorial service to keep your facility clean, or you can perform the cleaning services on your own. To do this, you will need to invest in some janitorial supplies. Here is a list of some of the items you should have in your inventory to keep your daycare center clean.

Antibacterial cloths

Similar to a diaper wipe in design, an antibacterial wipe has special chemicals and cleaning agents in it for removing dirt, grime, and germs. Stock up on a number of these wipes so you can easily wipe down door knobs, toys, and community services throughout the day in your daycare center. In keeping germs and bacteria at bay, you help protect your kids and staff members against common colds and other illnesses.

Backpack Vacuum

This is a type of vacuum that you wear on your back by using special, backpack-style straps affixed to the equipment. This type of vacuum comes with a high-powered hose that you can use to vacuum under tables and on all surfaces without having to push the unit around. This is a handy cleaning tool that you can keep in your arsenal for quickly cleaning up messes as they occur without having to move items (and children) out of the way for vacuuming.

Bathroom Supplies

A janitorial supply company will furnish your business with paper towels, hand towels, large quantities of foam or liquid hand soap, toilet paper, and even toilet seat covers. Invest in these items in bulk so you don't run out.

In addition to bathroom supplies, you will want to invest in cleaning items as well: a plunger, toilet scrub brushes, and floor cleaning agents. Since you will be cleaning your daycare's bathroom on a regular basis, don't forget to buy cleaning gloves as well to make the process easier and expose you less to germs and bacteria.

It's important to find a janitorial supply company who can work with your budget and supply needs. Since you will go through your cleaning supplies quickly, make sure you have your supply list placed on an automatic order so you always have the janitorial items you need to keep your daycare clean. For more information, talk to companies like Mailender.