Hire These Temporary Workers To Support Your Youth Sports Tournament

Posted on: 4 October 2017

Successfully running a youth sports tournament requires you to have a lot of help from adults, especially if it's a large tournament with plenty of teams. While you may be able to get a handful of local parents to volunteer, you'll ideally have a budget to hire some help, too. Contacting a staffing agency that specializes in temporary work can connect you with an assortment of people who can work in a variety of useful roles to help the sporting event run smoothly. Here are some jobs for which temporary workers can be ideal:


The parking situation at youth sports tournaments can often be chaotic. Perhaps hundreds of vehicles descending on a single facility that may or may not have enough space, vehicles parking illegally, and others sitting with their engines running while their occupants are off registering for the tournament or dropping off equipment can all make a situation that is less than desirable. It's a good idea to hire some temp workers who can take charge of the parking situation by showing people where to park, quickly approaching those who are parking in the wrong place, and even collecting money and handing out parking passes if there's a fee to park.


Registration is an important part of any youth sports tournament, and this can be an area in which you need help. Even if you want to play a key role in the registration process and will be surrounded by some members of the event's organizing committee, you can likely use some temp workers to make the process go smoothly. For example, you can have someone directing new arrivals to the registration area, someone handing out passes or other material to each of the coaches or team managers, or someone getting managers and coaches started on any necessary paperwork before they reach the registration table.

Property Maintenance

You want your sports facility to look its best throughout the tournament, but the reality is that hundreds of players, parents, and fans can make a mess. Hire some temp workers to patrol the facility and pick up trash, empty recycling bins, and trash cans, and generally keep the area tidy. This is especially critical during a tournament that lasts several days, as you want the property to look as good during the championship game on the last day as it did on the first day when people began arriving.

Contact an agency that can help you find general laborers for hire for more information and assistance.