What To Put In A Staff Newsletter

Posted on: 6 October 2017

A staff newsletter is an inexpensive way to help foster a team mindset within your company. A good newsletter provides a combination of useful information, helpful tactics, and employee recognition. The following can provide you with content ideas for your newsletter:

Idea #1: department highlights 

Different departments in your company can feel distant or disjointed to staff, especially if there isn't a lot of interdepartmental correspondence. Including a highlight page for each department within the newsletter helps overcome this. Staff can see how their work impacts other aspects within the company. In turn, this can help foster a greater sense of pride in individual job duties when the staff sees the big picture.

Idea #2: employee recognition 

An employee of the month award is a great way to encourage hard work. Set aside a newsletter page to recognize both the employee of the month as well as anyone else that has made an extra contribution. For example, if your company stresses community involvement, you can highlight the achievements of staff that have participated in company volunteer activities. This is also a good place for advertising staff competitions or activities. 

Idea #3: a calendar 

One way to foster teamwork is to have company events. Use a calendar to track departmental and interdepartmental activities. This can include work activities, like casual days, or after hour activities like company sports leagues. Make sure important dates are also listed on the calendar. Things like holidays, benefits deadlines, trade show dates, and similar things that affect the majority of your staff are handy to have in a single location. 

Idea #4: useful how-to info

Take advantage of the reach of your newsletter to provide employee education. The best way to do this is to provide how-tos that make staff jobs easier. A good place to mine for ideas is in your tech support department. Computer and tech topics tend to be the most frustrating for many people. The tech departments can supply you with a list of the most common problems your employees encounter. Take these topics to an experienced tech writer. You want a writer that is skilled at writing for a non-tech audience. They can then supply you with plenty of great how-to tech content that will be useful for your staff.

A newsletter doesn't have to be long to be useful. Simply focus on quality content that your staff can actually use to make their jobs easier. Contact a company that can help you write tech articles for more information.