Three Tips For Box Truck Rentals

Posted on: 15 October 2017

In order to get your hands on a box truck that'll assist you with any magnitude of move you have, it pays to first learn a little bit more about renting them. Renting these trucks comes with a number of advantages that you will instantly recognize. However, to realize these benefits, you'll need to touch base with a company that can give you any sort of rental that you need. If this is something that you are thinking about, read below and heed the following guidelines. 

#1: Be sure to get the truck and coverage that you need

Since renting a moving truck is one of the most prudent steps that you can take when handling a long distance or short distance move, it'll be worth your while to find the help of a great company. Reaching out to the Better Business Bureau first will help you to eliminate pretenders and companies that are not reputable and trustworthy with the business that they conduct. You'll need to figure out the size of the truck that you are looking for as well, to be sure that it can house all of the belongings you are moving. Further, be sure that you get a policy that covers the truck rental for any distance or use that you require. 

#2: Book the truck as quickly as you can

Any box truck rental company worth its salt will book up fast. Because you should only do business with a box truck rental company that is credible, you'll want to get your reservation in as quickly as you can. With this said, read through your rental contract and make sure that you agree to all terms and understand them before signing. For instance, you may be responsible for filling the truck back up with gas or dropping it back off at a specific location.

#3: Find the right deal on your box truck rental

Finally, you'll need to find a truck that you know is affordable to you. This takes getting a number of different estimates, researching their background and conducting some inspections to make sure that you'll be happy with what you're getting. Get about six different price estimates before renting a box truck. This will come in handy since these trucks will cost between $20 and more than $1,800 depending on the rental period and distance. 

If you use these tips you'll get the box truck rental that you need.