Help Your Child Have A Great Road Trip Experience

Posted on: 16 October 2017

Are you going on a long road trip? Perhaps you are visiting friends or family members for the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. Is this the first time you'll be traveling with your little one on an extended car trip? If so, you are probably already a little bit concerned about how you will keep your child busy. From thinking of games you can play to buying a children's travel tray, here are some ideas that might help your child to have a great road trip experience.

Have Old-Fashioned Fun -

Think about when you were traveling as a child. You probably didn't have computer games or a way to watch movies in the car. Instead, your parents probably thought of creative ways to keep you busy. And, you probably have very sweet memories of those long ago trips. You don't even need anything tangible to play them. Just put your memory to work!

  • Play the Look For game, as you help your little one find things like cows and big busses.
  • Sing songs like Old McDonald Had A Farm orThe Bear Went Over The Mountain together.
  • And, don't forget the old I Spy game where you look for things right in the car.

Buy A Children's Travel Tray -

​Of course, playing games and singing together are both fun activities, but even they can get boring. Plus, you might get worn out as you try to constantly entertain your child. By buying a children's travel tray, such as from My Lap Box, he or she can fill the hours with things that can be done alone.

  • Think of buying a colorful magnetic travel tray.
  • Buy magnetic toys, like numbers and letters, that will adhere to the tray.
  • Bring fat colored pencils, coloring books and plenty of paper.

The tray will come in very handy when it's time for treats. Think of spacing time between treats, family games, and time that your child spends playing on his or her travel tray. Another idea is to bring a small pillow that you can place on top of the travel tray. When your little one gets sleepy, he or she can simply put his or her little head on the pillow and go fast asleep. 

When you've returned home after your road trip, you'll still be putting that travel tray to use. It will come in handy when your little one is sick in bed and it's time for him or her to have a meal.