3 Reasons Millennials Should Consider CDL Driver Positions

Posted on: 29 March 2019

Many of the consumer goods that people purchase and use each day spend time being transported in a semi-truck. The younger generation often views truck driving as a career for older men with few other options. The fact of the matter is that younger millennials just entering the job market can benefit significantly from employment as a truck driver.

1. Job Availability

Many sectors of the market are not hiring. When larger companies do have vacant positions, hundreds of applicants can apply. This makes competition for job openings stiff. Many older truck drivers are retiring and there are fewer young drivers applying for the vacancies retired drivers leave behind.

This means that you can have your pick of jobs if you make the choice to become a CDL truck driver. It also means that transportation companies are willing to pay more to ensure you will accept a position with their company.

2. Travel

Millennials have a reputation for enjoying travel. A traditional desk job affords very little time to see the country. CDL truck drivers are always on the road traveling from one city to the next. This gives you the ability to travel the country while getting paid to do so.

You will be able to see many unique and exciting areas that you might not have considered visiting otherwise. If you don't like the thought of spending your working hours behind a desk, then working as a CDL driver could be your best option.

3. Paid Training

Because of the shortage of drivers that exists in the market today, major transportation companies are willing to offer incentives to get millennials to sign on as employees. One of the incentives that most companies offer is paid training.

You will need a specialized type of license to operate a semi-truck. If you were to pay for your CDL training out of pocket, you would be spending between $3,000 and $7,000 dollars. Having an employer pay this expense on your behalf gives you a marketable skill that you can utilize to generate an income throughout your life.

Don't overlook CDL truck driver positions in your area if you are looking for gainful employment. Millennials can capitalize on driver shortages to secure a job that allows for significant pay, travel opportunities, and paid training. These benefits will help you establish a career that can support you and your family over time. Speak with a semi-truck business, such as Mid South, for more details.