Reasons To Consider A Sunroom Rather Than A Traditional Home Addition

Posted on: 30 April 2019

If you could use some extra space in your home, you might be thinking about a home addition. You may want to consider a sunroom instead. It usually costs less to build a sunroom, and it can provide benefits you can't get from a traditional room. Here are some reasons to think about having a sunroom installed.

You Have A Beautiful Exterior View

If you're lucky enough to have a beautiful view from your home, you can enjoy it fully from a sunroom. Each side of the room has a wall of glass, so you have a panoramic view of the outdoors. This would make an ideal space for an art room or office where you can draw inspiration from the outdoor surroundings while being in climate-controlled comfort.

You Want More Natural Lighting

If your home doesn't get much natural lighting indoors, then you may appreciate having a sunroom where you can spend time each day, even in the winter, to get more light. If the lack of light depresses you, then having a comfortable space to read or relax in brighter light could help improve your mood. You'll also have improved lighting for projects you may be working on that require bright natural light to match colors or when you need good lighting for close work. When you have an entire room that's flooded with natural light, you can even grow plants indoors. You can grow herbs and vegetables for cooking, or plants and flowers as a hobby and to beautify your home.

You Want Protection From Outdoor Threats

Bugs have a tendency to spoil the outdoor experience. If you want to relax in an outdoor setting without having to cover yourself and your kids in bug spray, then a sunroom is the next best thing. You can enjoy the outdoor scenery any time of day and any day of the year while being protected from mosquitoes, bees, flies, and other bothersome bugs. Plus, you'll also have protection from rain and UV rays so your kids can enjoy playing in natural light without all the drawbacks of being outdoors.

There are many uses for a sunroom. You can use it as an office, sitting room, or playroom. Since you can include climate control in a sunroom, it can even double as a guest room when you have overnight guests. Although a sunroom has walls of glass, the building materials are energy-efficient so that the room can function like a traditional addition. However, a sunroom provides more uses and is more flexible than a traditional room addition with small windows. For more information, contact a company like David Wesley's Patio Rooms Inc.