What To Look For In A Space To Be Used As A Painting Studio

Posted on: 30 April 2019

Hosting painting classes is a great way to share your artistic abilities with the world and to help inspire the artistic dreams of others. But before you can start hosting classes, you need a space in which to do so! From old warehouses to empty rooms in the backs of coffee shops, there are a lot of spaces around that you could use as a canvas painting studio. Before you make your choice, you will want to look at a few of them in person and keep an eye out for these features in particular.

Plenty of space

How large do you expect your paint classes to be? Make sure the space you choose has room for expansion in case your classes become really popular and you decide to admit more participants. For example, if you currently figure you can attract five people per class, make sure you pick a space with room for ten. Keep in mind that they will each have a canvas in front of them, and they will need plenty of room to move around the canvas. 

Bathroom access

Your painting classes will probably be a few hours long, so it's likely people will need to use the facilities during this time. A lack of bathrooms can be a shortcoming of some warehouse spaces that may otherwise be suitable for use as art studios. If there is no bathroom in the space, is there a coffee shop next door that would let your painting participants use theirs? It's best to ask; don't assume. They may not want so much foot traffic from non-customers.

A utility sink

All those brushes and palettes will need cleaning. If there is not already a utility sink in the space that you can use to clean up after classes, ask the building owner if you'd be able to add one. As long as the space has up-to-date plumbing, adding a utility sink to an existing bathroom, or maybe right outside the bathroom, is not a huge undertaking.

Cleanable floors

If the floor is made from fine stone tile or a plush carpet, that's not the space for you. New painters, especially, are bound to make a mess on the floor occasionally. Look for a space with an easily cleanable vinyl or linoleum floor. A warehouse with a concrete floor could be fine, too, as long as the owners do not mind if the concrete ends up stained. 

Look for the qualities above when searching for a space to use for your painting classes. With the right space, your classes are bound to become popular.