Notice Water Damage Under Your Kitchen Sink? 3 Tips For Cleaning It Up

Posted on: 30 June 2019

If you notice that there are watermarks that have shown up under the sink, it could be due to a recent leak that's led to water pooling up and being unable to drain. Since this can be very problematic for keeping your home in good condition, it's important for you to look into what you can do to get rid of water damage and clean up your kitchen while you're at it.

Instead of handling everything alone, look into hiring a water damage restoration professional that can handle repairs for water damage with the following services.

Get Ventilation Set Up

The first thing that you'll need to do after you discover water damage in your home is to have some ventilation set up. Opening the cabinets to the kitchen sink and turning on a fan can help a lot in circulating the air and preventing mildew from being an issue. Since mold removal can be very difficult to take care of alone, it's best to do all you can to avoid having mildew being an issue.

With the right ventilation, you'll be able to make a big difference in protecting your kitchen cabinets from getting too damaged.

Tear Out Water-Soaked Wood

When there is a lot of water underneath your kitchen cabinets, it's important that it's removed properly so that it's not soaked with water and difficult to repair. Having wood that's been damaged by water removed is so important since it's not as simple as drying it out.

Wood can begin to rot over time, making it vital for you to take care of having the wood removed so that into your kitchen cabinets stay in good condition. Relying on professionals for removing the cabinets can ensure that you're able to get new cabinets installed without any issues for your home.

Have the Leak Repaired

Taking care of having water damage cleaned up can be as simple as having a plumber get the kitchen sink repaired. What this will do is help prevent any further water damage and assess what the risk level is for your sink. Having the water damage repaired once the leak is repaired can ensure that the water damage restoration won't be ruined.

Water damage can feel like a nightmare when it's happened in your home, but it can be taken care of quickly if you know how to get started with restoration work. With the above tips, you can feel good about hiring a professional to take care of any water damage that's occurred at home.