Ensure That Your Electronic Shelf Labels Can Accommodate These Details

Posted on: 14 July 2020

Retrofitting your supermarket shelves with electronic shelf labels provides value for you and your customers in a number of ways. If you're interested in making this change and are about to begin to evaluate electronic shelf labels from different suppliers, it's important to look at a number of details. One important detail to think about is the size of each label. A large size not only allows the price to be easily visible to your shoppers but can also accommodate some complementary details — including the following.

Product Name

It might seem like a minor detail, but it's ideal if your electronic shelf labels can provide enough room to display the product name. This is important for keeping your customers informed. For example, a customer who removes a product from your shelf, changes his or her mind, and then returns the product to the shelf may not always put it back in the original position. This could lead to some confusion for another shopper who sees the product and the label below it. When your electronic shelf labels have enough space to display the product name, there will be less of a risk of confusion.

Discount Information

Often, you'll put certain items in your supermarket on sale. When doing so, you want to let your customers not only know the sale price but also let them know how much money they'll save by purchasing the item at the lower price. It's important for your electronic shelf labels to have space to display this information. For example, you might have the sale price on one side of the screen and the discount information on the other side. The discount information could show the full price, perhaps with a line through it. Or it could have percentage information — for example, "20% Savings."

Price Per Ounce

It's useful if you can choose electronic shelf labels that can display details about the price of an item per ounce. This is an effective metric for careful shoppers who are looking for the best deal. It can sometimes be difficult to compare one product against another if they come in different sizes. When your labels display the price per ounce, a shopper can take note of this information, check out the label for a comparable product, and then decide which product is a better deal — regardless of each product's total size. This type of pricing transparency is something that many customers will appreciate.

Look for electronic shelf labels with these considerations in mind.