Planning A Large Family Event? Why You Should Rent A Roll-Off Container

Posted on: 5 May 2021

If you're planning a big family reunion, it's time to plan for the garbage. Most people don't think about the garbage when they're planning a fun family activity, but they should. This is especially true where large gatherings are concerned. If you've decided to take your trash to the local landfill when you're done with the festivities, you should rethink that decision. Hauling your garbage to the local landfill will increase your workload and your stress level. Instead of dealing with the stress and the work, rent a roll-off container instead. Here are three reasons why a roll-off container is the best solution for your big family reunion. 

Keep Trash Away From the Festivities

If you're going to have a large family gathering this summer, the last thing you want to do is fill your property with trash cans and trash bags. Both of those options are unpleasant options for your family gathering. First, you'll need to deal with the odor coming from the trash containers. Next, you'll also need to deal with the flies that are attracted to the garbage. That's where a roll-off container comes into the picture. The roll-off container can be set up away from the festivities, which means you won't need to deal with the odors or the pests. 

Avoid Overfilling Your Curbside Bins

If you've decided to use your curbside bins, you need to think about the amount of garbage that will be generated at your family gathering. If you're expecting a large crowd, your curbside bins might not provide you with enough space for the garbage. If you run out of space, you'll need to overfill your bins. If that happens, you won't have enough room for the normal garbage that your family tosses out on a daily basis. The best way to avoid overfilling your curbside bins is to rent a roll-off container. That way, you have plenty of room for all the garbage you'll need to throw away during the family reunion, and still have room for your day-to-day garbage. 

Keep the Area Clean and Tidy

If you're planning a large family gathering, you want to make sure that the area stays clean and tidy. One problem with using ordinary curbside bins at a large family gathering is that garbage doesn't always stay in the bins. Wind can knock the bins over, and overfilling can lead to garbage spill-overs. Both of those issues can require your family to clean up the garbage instead of enjoying the planned activities. To keep the area clean and tidy, rent a roll-off container.

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