4 Ways To Standout As A Candidate For A Retail Sales Job

Posted on: 16 July 2021

No one completes an application and attends an interview without the hope of landing the role. So, when your efforts lead to denied employment — it does not exactly feel good. The methods for hiring and the exact criteria retail brands are looking for in applicants vary, but there are some steadfast qualities that can make you stand out as a candidate.

1. Highlight Non-Retail Experience

You do not necessarily need to have retail or sales experience to get hired for a sales role. There are several other qualities you can learn in other industries that can make you great for the role. Great listening skills, a knack for customer service, patience, and the ability to multitask are just some of these non-industry-specific qualities to highlight on your application and during the interview process. 

2. Present Yourself as Trainable

Let the interviewer know your skills, credentials, and training, but also let them know that you are eager to learn more. A know-it-all can be hard to work with because even if you have prior experience, it does not mean this experience is in line with the policies and operations of the retail brand you are seeking employment with. Sending the message that you are open to learning more to enhance your skill is a positive. Companies prefer trainable employees.

3. Match the Brand

Customers are not attracted to a store randomly. There is often a connection they feel with the brand, be it the style, aesthetic, or something else. Companies often like their employees to also speak to the vision of the brand in their appearance. Show up to your interview looking like a walking representation of their brand motto. For instance, for a position at a men's suit store, it would be best to come to the interview in business attire.

4. Show Your Personality

Without a doubt, you should be on your best behavior during the interview, which involves remaining professional. However, let some of yourself shine through. To be successful in retail, you need to be able to connect with customers on a personal level. The more the interviewer is able to see your personality, the more they can see just how good of a match you would be for their client base. Be professional, but also be you.

You can apply these tips to help increase your chance of being hired for a retail sales job, so be sure to apply them.