Leading Advantages Of Buying Estate Jewelry Over Newly Manufactured Jewelry

Posted on: 9 November 2021

If you have been under the impression that estate jewelry refers to tacky, oversized pieces of jewelry that you could never wear on a day-to-day basis, you are grossly mistaken. The reality is that estate jewelry simply refers to pieces that were owned by someone else. Hence, they could either be pieces that have been passed down generations or perhaps they could be pieces from an individual that passed away. Whatever the case, you should know that estate jewelry offers an array of advantages that would be hard to come by from brand new jewelry, making these pieces a great investment for your jewelry collection. This article highlights a few of the leading advantages of buying estate jewelry over newly manufactured jewelry. 

Estate jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind

Perhaps you have a unique sense of style, or maybe you simply do not follow trends. Whichever the case, you may find that estate jewelry is perfectly suited to your needs. One of the qualities of this type of jewelry is that they are typically handmade by jewelers that lived decades or centuries past. Hence, they are one-of-a-kind pieces that would be difficult to find in a store or worn by someone you know. The uniqueness of estate jewelry makes it especially suited for special occasions where you would want to curate an exclusive ensemble, such as for your wedding.

Estate jewelry pieces have character

You could be thinking that owning an inanimate object would not have any character but this is not true, more so when it comes to estate jewelry. To begin with, since this type of jewelry was handmade several decades, if not hundreds of years ago, it can be placed at a specific period in history. Additionally, if the previous owner furnished you with a backstory, it lends your estate jewelry more meaning, as you can have an idea of who the jewelry was initially made for. Owning jewelry that has character will provide you with two main advantages. For starters, your estate jewelry will be a great conversation starter at gathering. Secondly, you can choose to pass on the story of the estate jewelry down your family line.

Estate jewelry pieces are economical

The third reason why you should choose to buy estate jewelry rather than brand new jewelry is for the cost savings you stand to make. What you may be unaware of about estate jewelry is that while it could be made from precious metals and striking gemstones, it will likely be more affordable to buy than a new piece of jewelry newly made from the same premium materials. And this can be attributed to the fact that estate jewelry is second-hand. Thus, you get to acquire stunning pieces of jewelry at a fraction of the cost of new jewelry.