An Extortion Consultant's Services

Posted on: 23 November 2022

Extortion is a form of blackmail that often involves threatening someone's reputation. An extortion consultant helps victims maintain their privacy and seek justice for a situation that involves being blackmailed.


A perpetrator can use personal information against someone and harm the individual's reputation by doing so. For instance, if someone discovers embarrassing photos of someone, they could essentially threaten to expose the pictures online. The person who chooses to harm someone's reputation may demand money from the victim. If the victim decides to pay the perpetrator, the perpetrator may state that they will not share the pictures.

In this type of situation, a victim may continuously worry that they will be threatened with the photos from time to time. An extortion consultant can break the vicious cycle that a victim endures. First, they will help the victim protect their identity. They may advise the victim to set up security cameras or to change passwords that the victim uses online. Increasing security is one way to protect a victim's identity.

Tracking A Perpetrator

A consultant will also aid with tracking the perpetrator. An extortion case may involve multiple people who know one another. For instance, a business owner may have a falling out with a colleague and then be blackmailed by this individual. The victim in this type of situation should provide details about their relationship with the colleague. This information can help a consultant track the extortionist's actions.

If a victim doesn't know who the extortionist is who has been threatening them, a consultant may have to set up surveillance equipment or perform some targeted tracking steps. A consultant will need to know when a victim first had trouble with the person who has been threatening them. The information that a victim provides may help the consultant identify what triggered the threat. Backtracking and researching what triggered the perpetrator's actions can help a consultant acquire evidence that can be used against the extortionist.

An extortionist may have broken the law. If monetary demands, personal threats, and other details can be proven, the extortionist may be at risk of being arrested. Some consultants may work with local law force companies. They can provide concrete evidence that can be used against someone in a court of law. A victim can receive continuous protection while a case is actively open. A consultant may provide many consultations and provide assistance until an extortionist has been arrested.

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