Liftgate Delivery Services — Tips For Companies Offering Them To Customers

Posted on: 24 January 2023

If you sell big items to customers, such as furniture or electronics, then you may provide liftgate delivery services to ensure customers receive their orders in a stress-free way. These delivery services are advantageous because you don't need a dock system to support them. Just make sure you take these actions before rolling these services out officially. 

Invest in the Right Liftgate Solutions

There are several different liftgate solutions you can equip to the back of your trucks for product shipping. It's key to find a reliable solution in the beginning though so that you can make the most out of liftgates and avoid regular complications.

You can start with getting a liftgate that's designed to be installed on your specific moving trucks. Verify this compatibility before you ever invest in said solution. You also need to get a liftgate solution that's designed to hold enough weight to where you can properly support specific goods that customers order from your company. 

Make Sure Truck Drivers Follow the Correct Safety Protocols

Once you figure out which liftgate solutions to equip for your moving trucks, it's important that all of your truck drivers know how to use them safely. This way, you can avoid major accidents and then not be held accountable. There are a couple of safety protocols to keep in mind when using liftgate solutions in the back of moving trucks.

For instance, your drivers need to make sure they're in a safe location when they operate said solution to avoid getting hit. They also need to make sure products are stable before they're lowered down on this liftgate solution so that they don't fall over on top of your drivers and subsequently cause injuries.

Perform Routine Inspections

So that you're able to offer liftgate delivery services to clients with the same solutions for years, you need to properly take care of the trucks. Part of this will involve performing routine inspections to see if there are any parts that need to be repaired/restored.

You can perform inspections before every delivery, making a note of any conditional aspects that might warrant repairs. As long as you're thorough with these assessments, you can prolong the lifespan of liftgate solutions.

If you plan to offer liftgate delivery services to customers for large products, then it's important to refine these services from the very beginning. You can do so with confidence if you do a couple of things, such as investing in quality liftgates and ensuring your drivers know how to properly use them.