• Helping Your Parent Age In Place: Essential Services To Help Maintain Independence

    Your aging parent may find it difficult to handle normal every day errands, particularly if driving has become a challenge. As a caregiver, you provide many of the services your parent needs, but that can also be overwhelming for you. Fortunately, there are senior assistance services that can help with some day-to-day tasks while still helping your loved one maintain a sense of independence. Here are just some of the many services you may want to consider.
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  • 4 Common Security Mistakes Businesses Make

    Think your business is safe from a thief? If you quickly answered yes, you might be surprised to discover that your business isn't so safe after all. The main reason for this is that many companies overlook common security pitfalls that open the door to criminals. Ensure you aren't making these mistakes: Lackluster Hiring Process Incidents of theft don't always happen from an outside intruder or customer. The employees on your team could also be the problem.
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